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Peter Damage

Peter Damage

Peter Damage’s name all started with his leather jacket. One day he set about decorating it, printing the word “DAMAGED," in recognition of his favourite Black Flag album. 


He got as far as D..A..M..A and realised he would run out of room before writing the whole word across the back of the jacket. Peter squeezed in DAMAGE, regrettably missing the last D….. From then on at gigs or in the street people would call out, “Hey Damage!”


As a boy Peter was bought up on a musical diet of Zeppelin, Sabbath, Jethro Tull , Deep Purple, Daddy Cool and Cheech and Chong, all introduced to him by his older sister’s boyfriends; a motley bunch of long haired, ear pierced, ugg boot wearing neanderthals in their late teens. In 1974 these young men seemed very cool to 10 year old Peter.


Peter later developed an ear for bands like KISS and an interest in Horror flicks.


In the late 1970’s Countdown was a TV music show all the local kids watched on Sunday nights. It promoted commercial music but from time to time would feature independent artists. One particular Sunday evening, Brisbane band The Saints was aired and the hairs on the back of Pete’s neck stood up, his jaw dropping as he sat transfixed by the song (I’m) Stranded. This was the beginning of what was to come and the end of what had been.


A young Peter Damage was born.

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