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Michael Muholland

Michael Muholland

Michael Mulholland’s involvement in alternative and underground music began in 1979 when he was 17, after being invited to The Seaview Ballroom in St.Kilda to see The Members, from England. This was a life changing event as it opened up the possibility of the up close and personal experience of watching a band, instead of being seated in a stadium. The energy and atmosphere was incredible and this started him on his long journey appreciating and following alternative and punk music. 


Michael discovered Melbourne public radio station, 3RRRfm and hence was exposed to so much great music, that he soon became obsessed with this new music scene. 


Buying records from Monash Records gave Michael an appreciation for the word of mouth news about artists, making friends in the process.


Michael would regularly attend gigs and was lucky enough to see some amazing shows over that early period including The Birthday Party, The Dead Kennedy's, Iggy Pop, Dead Can Dance and The Go-Betweens to name a few. 


Working as a roady and stage lighting operator with local Melbourne band, Murder Murder Suicide, Michael began his 30 year involvement with the punk scene. This fascination with underground music is still as strong as ever and Michael continues keeping up with new artists, obsessively adding to his record collection. 


Fortunate enough to get involved with iconic Melbourne public radio station 3PBSfm, Michael has now presented his show, Junkyard, for 5 years. Junkyard presents a unique one hour per week focus on an artist or band. This show has given Michael the opportunity to interview artists over the years that are personal favourites; many such as Mick Harvey, returning time and again. Junkyard allows Michael to introduce little known musicians to his audience with the aim of increasing their public profile. Listener response overwhelmingly indicates how Michael has introduced many unknown artists that they’ve grown to love.


Michael loves playing his part in the Australian music scene, knowing that anyone in the world (with internet connection) can listen to his show.

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