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Mark Zombo

Mark Zombo

Mark Palazzolo - aka Mark Zombo is a fine artist and bass player from Perth, Western Australia. Mark has played for Rupture, Beast In Heat, Thrill Killers and Sex Grimes.


Mark’s artwork is a hybrid of surrealism and science fiction with overtones of horror. Mark has an extensive portfolio of work and designed the artwork for Rupture’s, “Corrupture" and "Lust And Hate” album covers.


In 1989 at the age of 17, Mark founded Perth Hardcore band Rupture with Andrew Sheen - aka Gus Chamber (vocals), Mathew Weiland - aka Stumbles (guitarist) and Davros Wroblewski (drums). Over a twelve year period Rupture went on to become one of Australia’s most prolific hardcore bands, generating a world wide cult following. Their confrontational style resulted in numerous career problems and by the end of the '90s they had been banned from performing in every venue in their hometown. Rupture relocated to Melbourne in 2000 but the transition was an ill - fated one, mired in drug and alcohol issues, ending in the tragic death of their lead singer.



Firmly established in Melbourne, Zombo formed Thrill Killers in 2004, once again as bassist and some lead vocals. In a more metal/ rock slant they released a handful of singles and EPs, maintaining a strong live reputation before disbanding in 2011.


Sex Grimes, a five piece with a rollicking punk style is Mark’s latest band, formed in 2014. Gigging regularly in Melbourne, they’ve recently released debut EP, "Repeat Offenders."


In the near future, a book of ZOMBO art will be published by Nuclear Ass Records.

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