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Luke Leprosy

Luke Leprosy

Luke Leprosy grew up in the eastern suburbs of Victoria and was already a record collector and fan of punk music at age 14 from listening to bands such as Discharge, GBH and the Exploited. By age 15 he had already managed to sneak into his first 18+ punk show featuring Bastard Squad and was a regular punter at a variety of bars and house shows including the Arthouse, the Birmingham and the Pink Palace. A member of the Melbourne Anarchist Club, the Barricade Book shop and the Black Star PA collective at some time or another, Luke has taken on numerous roles including booker, promoter, sound engineer, DJ, fanzine contributor and fanzine editor.


 In 2009 he formed and became the front man of Leprosy who were conceived as a reaction to the atypical chaos/crust punk bands and melodic hardcore that had oversaturated the scene in Australia for years. Taking their influences from British punk like Disorder, Chaos UK and Finnish bands Riistetyt and Kaaos, they played stripped down fast hardcore punk like it was spewed out of the 80's, even taking on the moniker 'raw punk tribe of Melbourne', a homage/double entendre to the band Psychotic Maniacs and the emerging raw punk explosion that had surfaced around the world through bands such as Bog People, Nerveskade, Perdition, Germ Attak, etc. They released three cassette tapes and the ‘5 tracks’ 7” with another still in the works.


In early 2010 Luke was approached by Yeap (ex Pisschrist) to possibly start a new band with Luke as the singer. This band ended up being called Kromosom and had a few practices but ultimately Luke’s first tenure with the band didn’t work out for a variety of reasons. After numerous lineup changes and a couple of international tours however, Luke rejoined Kromosom in late 2011 as the bass player until 2014 where in that time they released the ‘Paranoid’ 7”, the ‘Live Forever’ compilation CD and their full length 12” ‘Nuclear Reich” as well as embarked on an extensive tour of the United States and Japan in 2013.


Presently Luke resides in the United States with his wife and is working on a variety of different music projects as well as writing a book about his experiences and observations of Punk Culture in Australia and abroad.


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