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Jon Bastard

Jon Stewart

John Stewart began playing guitar at high school until he started seeing punk bands in St. Kilda in the mid ‘80s. He met other musicians and learned that Death Sentence were looking for a bass player, so he auditioned and got the job!


In 1990, one year later, John joined Bastard Squad. They recorded their second album, “Show’s Over” in 1991 and an another in 1992 which was never released. A couple of songs from that 1992 recording have surfaced over the years on compilation albums such as Punk O' Clock.


John played guitar in Borgy’s (R.I.P.) band “Verbal Revenge” who did two recording sessions that were only ever produced as demo tapes.


Another was Forgotten Generation, a punk tribute band featuring members of Bastard Squad.


In 1994 John played in “WSCK” and founded record label, “Noise Pollution Records” which released tribute albums,  compilation albums and music by local artists, including “Nihilistik View” and “Glenn & The Peanut Butter Men.”


John released 2 compilation videos called Hardcore Holocaust which documented the Melbourne and Australian underground music scene. Many years later, these videos were screened at the Melbourne Arts centre when it was holding an exhibition on the Australian punk scene.


In 1999, John was vocalist for “Oxymorons,” founded by Dee Dee Meanie (R.I.P.) after he left The Meanies.


The year 2000 saw Jon sing in another band, “Undercover” which recorded one album. 


After a hiatus, “Bastard Squad” reformed in 2002 and John rejoined as bass player, recording “Real Politiks” and touring extensively with “U.K. Subs,” “Dayglo Abortions” and the “Real Mckenzies.” At this time, Bastard Squad made their film debut in Susan Dynner’s “Punk’s Not Dead" which premiered at the 2006 Melbourne International Film Festival.


John morphed into the role of promoter, touring the UK Subs and played bass with them for their Australian and New Zealand tour in 2007.

Jon Stewart - Bastard Squad

Jon Stewart - Forgotten Generation

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