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Jason Bastard

Jason Bastard

Bastard Squad are a Melbourne based hardcore punk band who played their first ever gig at the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel in October, 1987. 

Bastard Squad - Duke Of Ediburgh Hotel, Melbourne 1988

Bastard Squad - Duke Of Edinburgh Hotel, Melbourne 1988

The band was conceived in a driveway at a party during slurred ravings. The line up on  Bastard Squad's first album, Hardcore Revolution (released in 89’) was Jason-vox, Matt-guitar, Tony (Pig)-bass and Andrew-drums. Two years later Bastard Squad released their second album 'Shows Over'. 

Bastard Squad - Shows Over Album Cover

After an extended break the band reformed in 2002 to rejoin the live gig circuit. In 2005 they recorded their 3rd album 'Realpolitik'. 

In August 2010 Bastard Squad once again toured the UK and Eire, playing Rebellion and shows in Dublin for the first time.

In the earlier days the opportunity to play gigs overseas was something Jason only dreamed about. 1987 to 1992 was the band’s heyday, yet in the past 12 years so much more has happened for Bastard Squad. 

Much of it has to do with numerous punk bands making Australia’s shores for the first time ever. Jason would never have believed that Bastard Squad would end up sharing a stage with UK Subs, English Dogs, Exploited, GBH, Peter And The Test Tube Babies and many more.  How could this not be an inspiration for the band to continue? 

Australian punks had been waiting 20-30 years to see some of these bands and despite the faded tattoos, they'd be up the front just as excited as they would have been as teenagers. That first gig at Rebellion in Blackpool 2007 was Bastard Squad's first ever overseas gig and the only word that kept coming to mind was FINALLY!

Bastard Squad at Fibbers, Dublin

Bastard Squad - Fibbers, Dublin 2010

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