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Jacqui DS

Jacqui D.S.

Jacqui D.S. onstage with Death Sentence

Jacqui started playing guitar as a 12 year old and realised that playing fast and loud was much more fun than playing what her first guitar teacher was telling her to.  On a visit to the notorious Pipe Imported Records in Melbourne one day, Jacqui saw a flier advertising for a guitarist by Melbourne hardcore band, Death Sentence.  Ollie Olsen who worked at worked at Pipe, talked Jacqui into trying out. He also gave her the phone number for 'No' guitarist Michael Sheridan who became her new teacher.

After a year playing with Death Sentence, including a tour to Sydney and Canberra and recording an album, Jacqui left Death Sentence. She jammed with a bunch of people before picking up bass guitar and joining all girl alt-rock band Snark. Jacqui played in Snark until the mid 1990s before briefly playing in a band called Splinter Machine.  Joined by fellow Snark guitarist Katie Dixon, Jacqui formed Baby 8 who she played lead guitar with from the late 1990s until 2010. Jacqui currently works as a clinical psychologist, but still rocks out from time to time.


In the late 1980s Jacqui set up Nomad Records.  The label had four releases, The Legend Killers debut EP, a Snark single and the awesome 'From Babylon to Brunswick' which was a compilation of local Melbourne and Geelong bands.

Spinter Machine at The Punters Club

Jacqui also volunteered at 3PBSfm Radio Station in 1987 hosting her own punk show on Wednesday evenings.  She remained there for seven years, apart from one fortnight where she was banned for allowing a visiting co-presenter to read out a passage from the “Marquis De Sade” book, 120 Days of Sodom. Jacqui played a bunch of different music, starting with punk and then moving onto grunge in the early 1990s.

Jacqui currently works as a clinical psychologist, but still rocks out from time to time.

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