Garry Gray

GARRY GRAY is an internationally recognised singer/songwriter. Beginning in the late 1970s as a pioneer of alternative rock music in Australia with a band called Negatives, Garry’s music spans 5 decades. The iconic Sacred Cowboys featuring Garry on vocals, existed over 3 decades, with their last shows taking place in 2008. The Sacred Cowboys released 8 albums with numerous radio and TV appearances including Molly Meldrum’s ‘Countdown’ and Annette Shun Wah’s ‘The Noise.’ After a 14 year hiatus in France, Garry returned to Melbourne to continue writing, recording and performing. After recently completing a season of sell-out shows as Dr. John in Brian Nankervis’ production of ‘Gris Gris,’ Garry is now completing his new album, Diamond in the Forehead with ‘The Sixth Circle.’ Garry contributed his lyrics to theatre production ‘Basket Weaving for Amateurs’, by Christopher Barnett. 

Film credits to date are ‘Big Risk’ by Mark Zenner, ‘Black Cab’ by Andy Sculley and 'The Hardest Night' by Jennifer Ross. Production credits include Ash Wednesday’s ‘Crashland,’ Sacred Cowboys and The Sixth Circle. Garry appears in the following music clips: Cadillacs, Drop by Drop, Trouble From Providence, Twisted Nerve and Nothing Grows In Texas.