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“Long before ‘Cop Killer’ and ‘Straight Outta Compton’ there was MDC. Hands down one of the most controversial, heat-seeking bands in Hardcore, or...well...EVER. No one was neutral – least of all the police. For those who might take for granted there was always this underground Punk Scene, with places to play in every town, this is a must read. What it really took to build your scene, and the sheer guts of the people who laid their asses on the line, this should be a real eye-opener.” — Jello Biafra

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Dave Dictor


Dave Dictor Book Reviews

“Dave Dictor is somebody you can really count on. He is that rare breed that has not wavered over time, he has stuck to his beliefs, the kind of person that’s out to make a better world.”

Joe Shithead Keithley, DOA

“Dave Dictor taught me everything I know about balls, humility, getting through borders with a van full of dirty punks, and introducing the support act. On tour in Europe, kids yelled in the mic every word about loving chickens or hating John Wayne, and his dominatrix girlfriend joined Tribe 8 onstage, getting us banned in Hamburg by German feminists. MDC went to countries no other band would dare, risking arrest in order to bring real revolution to the truly oppressed. He has always searched out the outsiders in a scene of outsiders. Dave Dictor doesn’t just sing punk, he lives it. This is his saga.”

Lynn Breedlove, Tribe 8

“I knew Dave Dictor, the singer from MDC, and I used to crash in his room when he was on tour. The place was called the Rathouse. Everyone had a fanzine, everyone was in a band. My parents were either very brave or very stupid for letting me hang out with all these interesting, sexually diverse, drug- happy people.”

Tre Cool, Green Day

“When I first met Dave, there was an immediate recognition of a lifetime friendship. No matter if we were punk rock singers or cowboys on the range... that friendship would have been there, is there. I love the guy.”

Gary Floyd, The Dicks / Sister Double Happiness / Black Kali Ma

“Dave Dictor was one of most furious, provocative and important front men in the original hardcore scene. He called his band ‘Millions of Dead Cops,’ and had the intelligence and fearlessness to back it up.”

Vic Bondi, Articles of Faith

“A pioneer in championing gay rights in the early days of punk, Dave has always been on the cutting edge of relevant issues and to this day he continues to inspire punk fans young and old. Essential reading for any punk enthusiast.”

Kieran Plunkett, The Restarts

“Dave MDC is a force multiplier. It is the bridge builders that help the scene and our communities, actively countering infighting, divisiveness, and injustice, not to mention just plain mean people being bullies. In a time when ‘political’ hardcore bands weren’t very trendy at all, and ‘punker-than-thou’ was a tiresome poser pastime, he helped thousands of us punks and misfits navigate the punk scene, slam dancing, stage diving and joyfully overriding junkie nihilism and the neo-Nazi skinhead movement with hard hitting conscious lyrics and dealing with shit that matters. The 1982 MDC album was a huge milestone. Everything in my life is divided into either before that fateful day I first picked it up (at the Ratcage record store in NYC’s Lower East Side) and afterwards. Because of that record, I was able to connect with him and ended up touring with him on our Rock Against Reagan tour. Dave introduced us to the Dicks, the Crucifucks, Dead Kennedys, and Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (DRI), all of whom either toured with us or played at our shows throughout 48 states of the USA.”

Alan “audiogrouch” Thompson, sound engineer, co-producer of Rock Against Racism NYC & Rock Against Reagan

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