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Dave Dictor

“1982’s Millions of Dead Cops album represented a milestone in radical politics and music. If Jello Biafra was hardcore’s fiery Abbie Hoffman, MDC’s Dave Dictor served as its cross-dressing Che Guevara.”

Steven Blush, American Hardcore

MDC - Photo courtesy of Dave Dictor

I was born in the mid 1950's in Brooklyn, New York to parents of various shades of New England Yankee, Irish-Scottish, Italian and German/Baltic Yiddish blood. Raised by my grandparents, I realised at a young age I was different. I spent my childhood listening to AM music on the radio whilst figuring out what to do in this life. Soon after high school with rock music always in the background I was able to create and be a part of the scene that called itself "Punk Rock".


After moving to Texas I wrote "John Wayne Was A Nazi.” Having also written “My Family Is A Little Weird” and “I Hate Work” I teamed up Ron Posner and started the band MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS (MDC) which morphed into a speed thrash punk rock unit. 


Now 37 years, 9 Albums and 2500 gigs later, I’m telling the stories of American punk and hardcore in my book "Memoir From A Damaged Civilization.” This book includes tales of American, Canadian and British punk rock originators Jello Biafra, Joey Keithley, Dick Lucas, Exene Cervenka, Henry Rollins, Ian Mackaye, Tim Yohannon, Gary Floyd, Penny Rimbaud and others as we affected the world around us with a culture that reverberates through time in our music, politics and outlook. 



My intention was to write an honest, fun read about what was going on in the late seventies and early eighties that shaped American punk rock, eventually giving birth to bands Green Day, Rancid, Leftover Crack, NOFX and many more.


Memoir Of A Damaged Civilization is published by Manic D Press of San Francisco and can be ordered from Dynamite Records or click on the button below. Check out the reviews HERE.

Photo courtesy of Jacqui Brown

Photo courtesy of Dave Dictor

Photo courtesy of Dave Dictor

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